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chain This year, the group consists of:
1 staff member, 2 postdocs, 5 Ph.D's, and 2 M.Sc's.

NB : At the moment, there is no position available; however, applications (complete Curriculum Vitæ + 2 letters of reference) are always welcome and will be considered in the event that new openings become available.

To learn about the different group members (arranged in alphabetical order according to their academic level), just click on one of the following options:

Postdoctoral Fellows
Ph.D. Students
M.Sc. Students

Permanent Staff

Charette CHARETTE, André, Ph.D.
Research Supervisor

Office: D-633
Phone: 343-6111 ext. 7057
E-mail: andre.charette@umontreal.ca

Bessis BESSIS, Barbara
Administrative Assistant

Office: D-644
Phone: 343-6283
E-mail: barbara.bessis@umontreal.ca

Postdoctoral Fellows

Bos BOS, Maxence, Ph.D.
Univ. Reims (Ph.D.)

Laboratory: B-623
Phone*: 5075
E-mail: maxence.bos@umontreal.ca

Taillemaud TAILLEMAUD, Sylvain
Univ. Montréal (Ph.D.)

Laboratory: D-727
Phone*: 3781
E-mail: sylvain.taillemaud@umontreal.ca

Ph.D. Students

Allouche ALLOUCHE, Emmanuelle
Univ. de Caen (Master)

Laboratory: B-627
Phone*: 5074
E-mail: emmanuelle.allouche@umontreal.ca

Benoit BENOIT, Guillaume
Univ. Nantes (Master) and Univ. Montréal (M.Sc. Direct)

Is currently writing his thesis
E-mail: guillaume.benoit.3@umontreal.ca

Ladd LADD, Carolyn
Univ. Calgary (B.Sc.) and Univ. Montréal (M.Sc.)

Is currently writing her thesis
E-mail: carolyn.ladd.1@umontreal.ca

Sayes SAYES, Morgane
INSA-Rouen (Master)

Laboratory: B-635
Phone*: 1649
E-mail: morgane.sayes@umontreal.ca

Siddiqui SIDDIQUI, Saher
McGill Univ. (B.Sc.) and Univ. Montréal (M.Sc. Direct)

Laboratory: B-615
Phone*: 5075
E-mail: saher.hasan.siddiqui@umontreal.ca

M.Sc. Students

SaintJacques SAINT-JACQUES, Kévin
Univ. Sherbrooke (B.Sc.)

Laboratory: B-605
Phone*: 5074
E-mail: kevin.saint-jacques@umontreal.ca

ThaiSavard THAI-SAVARD, Léa
Univ. Ottawa (B.Sc.)

Laboratory: B-635
Phone*: 1649
E-mail: lea.thai-savard@umontreal.ca

*To contact a member, dial the Université' s general number 514-343-6111 before dialing the extension indicated here.

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