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chain Please check this page to better orientate yourself. The university corridors may look like a giant maze to the uninformed eye!

1) We have two different addresses, one for regular mail and one for messengers.
2) The first digit of a room number determines the floor level

mail Mailing Address direction Civic Address
Department of Chemistry Department of Chemistry
Université de Montréal Université de Montréal
Roger Gaudry Building, D-644 Roger Gaudry Building, D-644
Faculty of Arts and Sciences Faculty of Arts and Sciences
P.O. Box 6128, Station Downtown 2900 Edouard Montpetit Blvd.
Montreal, QC H3C 3J7 Montreal, QC H3T 1J4

How to reach us for a one-on-one meeting?

The Charette laboratories are currently located on the 6th and 7th floor of the Roger Gaudry Building, within the Department of Chemistry.

- A taxi driver will be able to drop you off properly with the above civic address;

- If you come by car, you will need to arrive either from the Queen Mary Road or the Louis Colin Street and can only park in the visitors' parking space, the Louis Colin garage ($12/day);

- If you take the subway, you will need to get off at the Université de Montréal metro station and take the exit on your left immediately after the turnstiles. Then you must take the electric moving ramp (outside) to go all the way up and turn left again for letters A-L. The secretary's office is D-644 (6th floor).

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